With a second human soul inside of him, Kuro the kitsune’s power has grown tremendously – so much so that it threatens to overwhelm him. Soon, he finds himself journeying through the shadowy world of the past in search of understanding and answers to a question that plagues not only him, but also Marienelle and Iwalani: can Jaden be redeemed? Is a demon capable of violence, treachery, and cruelty still worthy of being saved?

While Kuro searches the past for clues of Jaden’s true self, Christopher has other plans in mind: he, too, is looking for the demon, eager for revenge on the man who murdered his sister. His ability to see the holy dark soon puts him on the track of Jaden’s sinister plans in the present. There are people walking the streets of New York City, their eyes covered by a dark veil, and whatever designs Jaden has in store for them, Christopher knows it can only mean death.

But while Christopher’s days are spent hunting one kitsune, his nights are plagued by another: Kay remains bound to Christopher’s soul, their relationship fraught by resentment and frustration. For Kay, Christopher is a problem to be solved, as is finding Jaden: he owes Iwalani the demon’s blood, and indebted and starving, the kitsune is stuck struggling against an increasingly hopeless situation.

But when Kay discovers Christopher may just possess the key to finding Jaden, the potential for a partnership may lead them to a discovery both more dangerous…and intimate.

If Kuro doesn’t stop them first.

Pale Yellow Starlight is the fifth book in the Color by Numbers series by Danielle Thompson.

Content advisory: The following is a list of possible content/trigger warnings for readers, but is not exhaustive. Please feel free to reach out if you would like more specifics to help you decide if this book is right for you at this time. Please note, this list contains spoilers.

This book features themes related to and instances of grief, violence, death, graphic gore, animal abuse (demon in myobu form of a fox), emotional abuse and manipulation, allusions to compulsion/mental enslavement of a demon, mental illness (schizophrenia), the recovery and healing process involved with a traumatic brain injury, repercussions of physical trauma, PTSD, panic attacks, reference to past loss of bodily autonomy, explicit sexual content (consenting with one partner; with another, consenting but with a power imbalance and an element of manipulation), internalized homophobia, on-page suicide (not of a main character), descriptions of a mass murder event involving poisoning, rejection of a gender identity (a character is unable to cope with the reality of a genderfluid main character), descriptions of a character’s sadistic sexual fantasies/experiences, brief and not explicit description of a past rape.