When Kuro the kitsune is summoned to return to New York City, he assumes he has been forgiven for betraying Christopher after nearly succumbing to Jaden’s temptation.

Instead, he has been called to battle.

A demon is stalking Marienelle and growing bolder by the day. At first, Kuro and the others fear that Jaden has returned, but evidence points to a new, unknown threat…but not just one. Marienelle is convinced two demons are stalking her, though their motivations and identities are unknown.

Between unraveling a mystery, hunting the demons, and earning Christopher’s forgiveness, Kuro soon finds himself battling against forces that threaten to defeat him on all fronts.

When a figure from Kuro’s past emerges, the perils grow more dangerous than any of them are prepared to face, because there are fates worse than death in store for the demons if they fail. Thrust into his most dangerous conflict yet, Kuro will find himself with strange new allies, both familiar and new, as they embark on a rescue mission to save far more than just their lives.

A Bright and Living Green is the fourth book in the Color by Numbers series by Danielle Thompson.

Content advisory: The following is a list of possible content/trigger warnings for readers, but is not exhaustive. Please feel free to reach out if you would like more specifics to help you decide if this book is right for you at this time. Please note, this list contains spoilers.

This book features themes related to and instances of grief, violence, gore, emotional abuse and manipulation, compulsion/mental enslavement of a demon, mental illness (schizophrenia), the recovery and healing process involved with a traumatic brain injury, repercussions of physical trauma, PTSD, panic attacks, loss of bodily autonomy, sexual assault (not rape), internalized homophobia, and manipulation.

Some characters struggle against these topics; some succumb; others survive.