In the three years since Caroline’s loss, anger and bitterness have taken root in Kuro’s soul, his world empty without her love, his existence narrowed to a small burrow beneath the Florida palm fronds. He never learned what became of Jacqueline, never returned to the farm in North Carolina where all his hopes died…and never confronted Jaden again, or learned why an angel forced him to spare that kitsune’s life.

And Jaden has never, ever stopped searching for him, not when he has a promise to keep.

Despite his efforts at remaining hidden, the past returns, and when it does, Kuro is thrust into the middle of a conflict with more lives at stake.

An angel washes up on the beach, demanding his assistance.

A myobu stalks a girl through the streets of a haunted city, her soul burning with an unexplainable fire.

A nogitsune attacks in the cemeteries of Savannah.

And at last, a soul inside of him awakes.

Kuro couldn’t save the woman he loved; now, on the eve of fresh disaster, is he capable of saving her brother and the young woman who has pulled him back from the brink of despair? Will he finally have the answers to questions that have plagued him for the last three years?

Or will loneliness tempt him once more into trusting the demon who ripped everything away?

Caribbean Blue is the third book in the Color By Numbers series by Danielle Thompson.

Content advisory: The following is a list of possible content/trigger warnings for readers, but is not exhaustive. Please feel free to reach out if you would like more specifics to help you decide if this book is right for you at this time. Please note, this list contains spoilers.

This book features themes related to and instances of grief, violence, contemplation of suicide, descriptions of gore, animal death (on-page), emotional abuse and manipulation, compulsion/coercion, mental illness (schizophrenia), discussion of a previous suicide attempt, descriptions of former child abuse, manipulation and lying, sexual content, rape (two instances: one scene on-page but not explicit, and a second off-page but alluded to with brief details), and description of a traumatic brain injury.

Some characters struggle against these topics; some succumb; others survive.